Fly With Me—What to Wear When Traveling

August 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

When it comes to traveling, dressing appropriately is key. Travel can be a stressful affair, and making sure that your outfit is as comfortable as possible can ease the anxieties that are caused by precise packing and running late for your flight. Staying chic yet comfy is the difficult part of coming up with the perfect travel outfit, but it’s not impossible. The type of trip you are making determines the level of comfort that must be reached. Here is the travel outfit that I came up with for my most recent trip from head to toe.

1—Sunglasses. They are a great accessory to protect my eyes from harmful UV rays while simultaneously completing my look. When you’re running late for your flight, you might not have time to do your makeup. A solid pair of sunglasses can take care of that right away. You can almost never go wrong with a pair of mirrored aviators.

2—Tops. T-Shirts are a good example of a piece that is relaxing but stylish to wear. In this look, I decided to go for a more grunge look with my Guess shirt which I tucked into my pants. Later, I threw on a black hoodie from H&M because of the chilliness in airports and planes. It’s a smart idea to take something that keeps you warm when it comes to traveling by plane.

3—Bottoms. Jeans can be both comfortable or uncomfortable to wear depending on their fit and fabrication. The jeans I wore were black high-waisted, ripped jeans that I bought from Express. The great thing about this pair is that it’s made of a stretchy material that gives the pants a snug, yet comfortable fit.

4—Shoes. Sneakers are the best shoes to wear when traveling. They are comfortable to walk in and easy to get in and out of when having to pass through airport security. I decided to wear my Adidas Superstars that are both trendy and comfortable to wear. What better way to finish off my outfit than with my classic summer white sneakers?

What is your go-to travel outfit that provides you with a chic yet comfortable look? Show us on social media by tagging us @Cfashionista!