Five Snacks Perfect for A Netflix Binge

School is so last month and the beach is calling. However, a cloudy summer day can ruin any outdoor plans that you might have. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, call up your best buds, curl up in bed with your laptop and start that show you’ve all been itching to watch. Some binge-worthy shows on Netflix that are trending right now include How to Get Away with Murder, Parks and Recreation, Grace and Frankie and, of course, Orange is the New Black. After choosing a show, you have another important decision to make: food.

The perfect snack can make or break your Netflix day. Whether it’s healthy or not, you need a snack that’s delicious and can be easily eaten in bed. Look no further than below, because we have a variety of snack ideas to curb your cravings.

Guacamole: Dip tortilla chips or veggies in guacamole for a match made in heaven! (Photo via @courtneypelot)

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Avocado Toast: Dress up avocado toast with a fried egg or sliced tomatoes. The possibilities are endless! (Photo via @ameliachristineburns)

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Pizza: If this isn’t already a given, you’re doing it wrong. Choose your favorite toppings and share with your friends. (Photo via @lauriseirl)


Sushi: Even if you aren’t a fan of raw fish, avocado and cucumber rolls are perfect to munch on. Need a healthy alternative? Substitute white rice for brown rice and ditch the guilt! (Photo via @beingzhenya)

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Doughnuts: The ultimate indulgence. Grab a box with a variety of doughnuts and eat up! A delicious chocolate glazed doughnut can do no wrong. (Photo via @jnny_gry)

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