First Day on the Job

June 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer is here and for many of us, this means it is time to pack away our textbooks and get ready for a whole new adventure… internships!

This Fashionista made sure to keep her look classy and clean. By sticking with a soft color pallet she expressed her personality with fun accessories. What stands out most in her look is the messenger bag strapped to her side. Capable of fitting a portfolio, laptop, and even a comfy pair of shoes to change into, this bag seems to have it all! My personal favorite was the pocket in front, meant to carry your coffee to go (in a re-usable mug of course).

The bag itself is made from organic cotton canvas that was waxed to provide a little bit of water and wear resistance. The straps and finer details are made with vegetable tanned leather.

We have seen organic cotton coming up a lot in the eco-market and if you have been following my posts you will know I am a huge fan. Our health is surely something worth investing in and just because we don’t consume it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. Whether it is through skin contact or echoing environmental effects, organic is the way to go. We can’t forget about those producing our products as well. Because of the high demand for cotton, harsh chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides are used to ensure high yield. The farmers whom who are often forced to endure these conditions suffer from a whole pile of health issues, many life-threatening.

Vegetable tanned leather not only is produced using an entirely natural and organic process it promotes a more slow-fashion market because of its durable composition. A rather old fashioned method of tanning, this process is completed over a period of about six months by skilled craftsmen who take pride in the work of each leather hide leaving the shop. Because of the nature of this method, the leather is meant to stand the test of time and gain a little character in the meantime.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t aware of these processes. Just a year ago, if I saw a top I liked in the store I wasn’t thinking of the train of harsh chemicals the fabric had gone through. I was more concerned if it was going to match the new shoes I had just bought or if there was any way I could convince my mom to pay half of the bill! Out of sight out of mind.

Investing in products that will last a lifetime, quite literally, while promoting responsible consumerism ends up being a win-win for everyone. Not to mention a great conversation piece for your first day on the job.

Best of luck this summer Fashionista/os and remember… green is the new black.