CollegeFashionista Gives—FEED Selected As Official 2016 Social Partner

June 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

CollegeFashionista has always been about empowerment. Empowering our network through fashion, self-expression and encouraging them to think beyond their campuses and dorm rooms.


We are excited to announce that as part of this core value, CollegeFashionista has partnered up with FEED as our official 2016 social partner. The partnership is a natural fit. FEED’s mission is to “create good products that help feed the world.” Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it and, to date, the social business has been able to provide 87 million meals globally through the United Nations World Food Program and Feeding America.

Throughout the year, CollegeFashionista will be showcasing how our Style Gurus are getting in on the FEED movement. From socially responsible fashion to hosting FEED dinners on their campuses, we are excited to empower the CollegeFashionista network to join together and help FEED the world. Find out how FEED’s mission resonates with our Style Gurus!


“Lauren, the founder, found an amazing fashion forward way to make a difference! I love how each bag comes with a specific number that signifies the amount of meals that were provided with the purchase. Making the connection that this small effort can reap such great rewards really makes you take a step back, appreciate what you have and want to do more to make a difference.” Catie Beth Bowman, a Style Guru at Winthrop University

“What FEED is doing is absolutely amazing. I love looking at my bag and knowing that with that simple purchase I was given the opportunity to make a little bit of a difference.” Holly Reimer, a Style Guru at the University of Iowa

“Although we each come from different cities and states, each of us is sure to have seen hunger and its devastation. FEED, however, connects the fight to end hunger with the fashion world using amazing trendy bags to aid their amazing cause. Each bag not only spreads awareness of FEED, but also every time we put it over our shoulders we are reminded of the small things we can do everyday to support a cause bigger than us.” – Meg Gegler, a Style Guru at Providence College

You can get involved as well! Visit www.FEEDprojects.com to check out the available FEED products, find events in your area and more.