Trendy Pieces You Should be Wearing Right Now

As much as I willed them to be, my shoes aren’t real Stella McCartneys. Tragically, I can’t afford those at the moment, which is just depressing because I adore her and her insanely trendy designs!

What I love about fashion is that it’s cyclical, which means what was once in fashion will eventually come back in fashion. My favorite part is seeing how today’s designers make that style of clothing their own. Take the trend of shoulder pads, for example. Their first debut was in the ’30s as a subtle edge for a more defined silhouette. Then, they came back with a vengeance in the ’80s, creating the power look of an over exaggerated frame to help bridge the gap between men and women in the workforce. Today, they have been reinvented by designers like Jason Wu and Dolce & Gabbana with adornments and color creating a whole new era of the shoulder pad.

Trendy clothing is probably my favorite genre because it’s always so fun and funky. Today designers are getting super creative with their collections, making them feel more like artwork than just clothes. For me, that makes shopping and creating ensembles really exciting! One of the highest compliments my friends and I say to each other is how trendy the other’s look is.

The platform faux Stellas are no doubt my favorite shoe purchase I made in Europe. I paired them with my amazing red tulle skirt that I am obsessed with. I love both of these items, so I put them together, and of course they look killer!

My purse is from a small Florentine boutique called Garbage ‘En. I loved the patches and the black stitching around the outline. I walked past the store, saw the bag in the window and turned right back around and went in to buy it.

What’s perfect about patches is that you can make your own customized purse or any item of clothing! It’s so easy to create a completely original piece by just buying patches and sewing them onto the fabric exactly how you want.

I thought the colors of the purse and the fun patches would compliment my other standalone pieces and make my look even more extra! And of course, would the outfit even be cool or edgy without a trendy leather jacket?

What is your favorite trendy item of the moment? Comment below.