Calling It: These Trends Will Take Over Instagram in 2018

December 25th, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s no secret that the CF community is made up of some of the most fashion-forward students around the world, so we asked our crew to name the trends they are the most excited to try in 2018. In true first-adopter fashion, we already spotted some of these on-the-verge looks popping up on our favorite Instagram feeds (so ahead of the curve, right?). Here are the top nine trends that we can’t wait to try this year ahead.

belt bags

PHOTO: @maiaaaarose

Belt Bags

Don’t call them fanny packs (well, actually do, because that’s what they are). Either worn across your body like their crossbody-bag cousin but with a smaller shape or belted like its traditional counterpart, these bags are the grown-up versions of your elementary school staple— and they are ready to go viral.


PHOTO: @emmyzobitz

Retro Florals

Every year sees different iterations of flower prints, and we couldn’t be more excited for the return of soft retro florals. This is a trend that can easily be sourced from your local thrift store (look for vintage kimonos and ’40s-inspired prints), so add blooms to your next vintage checklist.

Buckled-Up Shoes

Nineties trends have been going strong for some time now, but they never returned to footwear quite like this trend. Merging a rock ’n’ roll edge with a bit of retro glamour, oversize buckles are going big.

Shades of Purple

If you’re over Millennial Pink but are still crushing hard for everything pastel, fear not. The next dusty-hued craze to hit the ’net is right around the corner. Enter lavender. Get ready to see this romantic purple shade on everything from simple dresses to fun accessories like velvet boots and satin bags. Baby hues not your thing? More jewel-toned versions of this royal hue are also about to hit your feed.

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

Okay, so these are probably already all over your feed, but be warned that berets, fisherman caps, and widebrimmed fedoras aren’t going anywhere in 2018. If you want to take more of a bold stance on the trend, opt for a double-tap–worthy hue like cobalt blue or cherry red over simple black.

faux fur

PHOTO: @typicaltuyen

Faux Fur

We’re already cozying up to teddy coats as the temperature drops, but expect to see these showstopping jackets in even brighter colors come early spring. We’re also welcoming the return of retro favorites like faux-fur jackets in swinging ’60s-inspired cheetah print—2018 is looking pretty cozy if you ask us.


PHOTO: @iamthehag

Bigger and Better Statement Earrings

Whether you prefer the artfully abstract wire, shoulder-skimming tassels, or single ear stunners, oversize earrings are still going strong. We’re personally going to start experimenting with more mix-and-match looks to keep our followers on their toes.

vinyl skirt

PHOTO: @emelylopezr

Plastic and Vinyl

Shoes, pants, jackets, purses—your year is about to get a whole lot shinier, as faux-patent leather is about to be everywhere. Think of this trend a bit more punk rock than princess, and consider swapping in PVC by way of slick miniskirts, ’70s-inspired field coats, and rainproof carry-alls.

small sunglasses

PHOTO: @reilucy

Itsy-Bitsy Sunglasses

If the early 2010’s were all about oversize, the second half of the decade is proving that less is more, and that’s certainly true for tiny sunglasses. Thanks to the popularity of the Adam Selman x Le Spec mini cat eyes, you’re about to see micro sunnies in nearly everyone’s selfies come spring.

Featured photo by @mmoor.