Once viewed as a country that held collectivism in high esteem, China has become increasingly immersed in the individualism that prevails in western countries. China has experienced the fastest development of any other country in the past twenty years, thanks in part to a shift to a market based economy. It’s no surprise that China is also the world’s leader in the fashion industry and they currently produce the largest portion of the world’s fashion goods.

Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, the middle class has seen a surge in per capita income, which has given teenagers and young adults more money to spend on fashion items than ever before. Two prominent styles have emerged among the fashionable youth since the boom in spending on clothing and fashion accessories.

This Fashionista is displaying the “Xiao Qinxin” style, which stands for “little freshness.” Light colors, lightweight fabrics and an angelic look are the key elements of this style. This Fashionista’s white dress definitely gives off an angelic vibe and her white platform sandals are the perfect shoes for this look. Platform shoes are all the rage in China; you can’t walk half a block without spotting a platform gracing a fashionable foot.

This Fashionista’s large tote is a must have accessory for any college student, no matter what country you are in. Not only is it super roomy, allowing enough room to carry any books she might need, but also extremely fashionable.

I think we can all agree that this Fashionista’s style is RAD, no matter where you are from!

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted strolling through the campus of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou, China.