Everyone knows that when you study abroad in Europe one of your main goals is to go to every city you can! Even more important than the fun weekend trips, are the outfits you wear to frolic around a new city. Chances are you have had zero luck finding out the changes in weather because your wifi is so bad, but you have to pick something that could go either way. Do not forget  you can always buy a jacket if you need to!

This Fashionista is the perfect example for your casual-weekend-trip-in-Europe outfit. She is wearing a black skinny strapped jumpsuit that has the right amount of flow so she will be comfortable all day. Her booties are the most amazing color anyone would ever want in a shoe. It has a deep black and brown mixed together but has a shine and fringe to go along with it. These shoes would match everything, and keep you comfortable while touring around! Her hat is perfect for this casual outfit because it adds a nice European touch to her overall look. If she were to get chilly she could easily go buy any kind of sweater or jacket and it would match because this outfit is very monotoned.

One of the main focus points anytime time you travel is documenting it, with pictures of course! This jumper allows her to stay cool and look cool. This Fashionista could also throw on a pair of heels and go out for the night and not even have to change!

Captured: I found this Fashionista in the one of the famous gardens in Sevilla, Spain.