Class should always be the underlying message of any well-put together outfit. A woman’s goal shouldn’t be how much she can show off, but how good she can look accentuating what she has elegantly. This can be accomplished by incorporating time transcending pieces such as below the knee skirts with a tight hugging top that shows off your arms.

This Fashionista from abroad graces Northern Ireland with her presence as she sashays through Belfast streets with confidence and character. Everything about this Fashionista points to a different, simplistic time period from her hardbound yellowing book to her rounded kitten heels. She employs an element of modern nature with the sleeveless black turtleneck that ties in well with the black detailing on the skirt and shoes. A brown satchel brakes up the color scheme and adds necessary detail to the outfit. Large sunglasses perfectly fit on her heart shaped face and peak out from well-draped bangs. Her shoes have small, vintage detailing of a grey snakeskin finish on the tip of the toe. This adds another pattern and texture to the outfit demonstrating character breaking up the monochrome colors.

Overall this Fashionista has taken us back in time successfully. She uses clear ‘50s inspiration for the silhouette of her skirt and the make of her heels. Her vintage theme is carried through her simple book, which actually adds a pop of color to her outfit and large sunglasses. All Fashionistas can take away a note of class and understanding vintage adaptation from this outfit.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista on the Belfast streets of Northern Ireland.