FASHION FROM ABROAD: Urban Meets Sporty-Chic

January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

While walking across campus, I noticed a major theme: urban meets sporty-chic.

What does that exactly mean?

A history lesson: Back in the ’90s, urban fashion was reserved for hip-hop and R&B artists who embraced street-wear brands. Big logos were ubiquitous, as was an abundance of statement jewelry whether found in earrings or heavy gold rope chains. Today, Urban has taken on a new definition. Millennials play down the urban attire by adopting pieces and accessories from other styles, for example preppy, punk, sporty chic and others. By adopting touches of other styles, Millennials integrate the look and make it something of their own.

This Fashionista is a shining example of such style integration. Her look is comfortable, cool, and edgy in its own casual way. When asked about her look, she responded, “I always love to keep it comfortable and cool in a simple knit sweater. Especially in the winter, I find it hard to keep warm in crop tops or skirts, which are my usual go to pieces of clothing. I styled my outfit with my favorite pair of John Lennon-inspired shades, a long cardigan knit, turtleneck and a choker. I find that adding a pair of casual running shoes, such as the Nike Hauraches, really pulled my outfit together and allowed me to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.” Her inclusion of running shoes and fitted pants, transformed her outfit, from alright to #RAD.

This Fashionista obviously didn’t get her entire outfit at the mall, which only intensified my interest in our interaction. “As my style continues to flourish and alter, I would say that right now I’m more edgy. I love a good day at the thrift shop, it just adds a touch of funk to my every-day outfits.”

By the end of our conversation, this Fashionista and I found out that we both share a love for thrift shopping, and a mutual understanding of where aesthetic uniqueness in clothing arises, “I don’t think that style is about the brand or the cost. Style is about effort and your creativity that ultimately makes your style unique, all that matters if the creativity behind that outfit” With that in mind, I encourage all my readers to take a statement style, such as sporty-chic, and intergrate it with another style that gives it a brand new meaning!

Captured: This image was captured on the IDC campus, around the cafeteria where the lovely Fashionista was enjoying the sunshine.