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August 4th, 2016 at 2:07am

Traveling abroad is the most rewarding and enriching things in life. Immersing yourself into the unknown and becoming part of a new culture is life changing. With a plane ticket and a passport ready to go what is there to worry about other than the butterflies you’re feeling? The packing! Any Fashionista/o knows how hard is to meet airline bag restrictions. Have you ever heard that quote, “Good shoes take you good places?”  So, how do you bare leaving a pair of shoes behind in order to make room for all the new clothing and souvenirs you know you will be buying on your adventure? The answer is not simple, and comes with some experience and practice. This is my second study abroad trip and I think I’m getting close to figuring it out. You have to create a capsule wardrobe, with simple basics that can be accessorized. You have to be able to go from a walking tour to a night out in the town with one to two simple changes.

This outfit is the perfect go-to outfit. The suede skirt is very trendy in Europe and the U.K. right now which made for a trendsetting ensemble. With buttons going all the way down and the light pink color, the skirt was a day piece with tights and Dr.Martens, but could easily become a night outfit by removing the tights and adding heels. Us ladies in Dublin love the day to night outfits which is perfect for school and then a night out in the city. The striped sweater is a classic must pack. Black and white stripes I think really go with everything.

While abroad I noticed many Fashionista/o’s rocking the stripes in their everyday looks. The tights and Dr.Martens add an edgier touch to the otherwise flirty romantic look, which makes the outfit very versatile. Don’t get me started on the kate spade bag. This bag is great for travel, particularly in Dublin, because of its waterproof material. There is lots of rain here in Ireland. With no zipper, a magnetic flap and lots of secret compartments, you can fit everything you need while keeping everything safe. Also, you cannot go wrong with black. The greatest thing about this outfit though is that all of these pieces can be mixed and matched with other basics to create several different outfits while traveling.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista strolling around Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.