FASHION FROM ABROAD: Tourism 101 in Italy

Everyone who is everyone knows about Italy and I am lucky enough to get to travel there (as well as France and Spain). Italy is also known for having amazing designers such as Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Guccio Gucci and the list goes on. With popular names like that floating around, you would think any Fashionista would be a part of the crowd.

However that is not so true. What we neglect is that there are more than cities here; Italy actually has actually rolling hills of country. Taking on fashion in small country towns can be hard and even when going to the city, no one wants to stand out. So what do you do? Embrace your inner style. The truth is there is no way around looking like a tourist—many people can see it all over your face. So let us embrace our Americanized style, which is exactly what lead this Fashionista to being our ‘Tourist Chic of the Week.’

When you are on study abroad or just traveling, you need to be comfortable and stylish which is why this simple outfit works for any occasion. She is wearing colored ankle length pants with a basic loose T-shirt with an outline. What makes her outfit pop and helps her stand out is her cross-body purse, floppy fedora hat and shoes.

Her purse is a great size for walking tours and is not a hassle to carry with an on-the-go atmosphere. The fedora is great for any day but especially days when the sun is too bright, sunglasses are not the only thing that can protect your eyes. Your hat does all that work for you and then you are ready to strut around in your bejeweled sandals in style.

Captured: You can find this Fashionista walking the streets of Rome and Vatican City, Italy!