FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Casual Traveler

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Traveling is the ultimate time to find new trends and fashion tendencies. When we travel to other countries, we are exposed to many cultural changes that definitely impact the way we dress and our perspectives of life and style. This travel-loving Fashionista chose a casual and comfortable outfit to explore the city of Budapest and decided to invest on accessories to bring the boho-style found in the Hungarian culture.

It is always a good idea to invest on more relaxed and comfy looks while touring around. And of course, it is even better when you know how to match comfort with style. I really like how the Fashionsita put together this outfit making sure to match the color of her linen sweater with her golden Converse. Notice how she chose to wear black tights underneath the jean shorts to be safe and protected from any crazy weather change. That is actually a great advice since tights are not too warm and can truly save you when you are traveling and exploring many places throughout the day. In this case, matching the sweater with the sneakers was a great asset to her attire since it brought it all together into a more casual cool street style. Not to mention that the dirty All-Star Converse look is super trendy now!

To bring the Hungarian style into place, the Fashionista decided to wear accessories that assembled the boho style. She wore a detailed, bold and blue necklace and golden rings and bracelets to follow the country’s cultural trend. As you may already know, boho is synonym for accessories galore and many individuals in Budapest invest on accessories that bring out this hippie, bohemian style. They are definitely not afraid to invest on details and this Fashionista gave it try and got it just right.

Captured: These photos were taken while walking around the streets of Budapest, Hungary.