What is better than a sandal that is cute, comfortable, last for years and goes with any casual outfit? Traveling abroad makes that the shoe of my dreams. Having all those qualities will definitely make my fashion choices for the day a whole lot easier. A great outfit is always perfectly completed by a great pair of shoes!

I would like to introduce Teva sandals! When getting dressed for the day’s excursions, I know that I want a shoe that is as durable as I am adventurous. Teva’s are exactly that. As an all-purpose sandal, they are absolutely perfect for hikes, sights, tours and casual explorations around the city. Every type of adventure a traveler could have while exploring a new place; Tevas will make the trip easier. I was initially drawn to this Fashionista because of her cool kimono, but was further intrigued by her choice of footwear. After learning about Teva sandals, it is apparent that they are the go to move for shoes for travel all while keeping up appearances. They come in a huge selection of styles, colors and heights, so there is a pair out there for any travel ensemble.

This Fashionista is killing the kimono look. With a paisley print and tassel trim detail. it pops over a simple black cami and skirt. She tops her look off with tinted aviator sunglasses. Don’t forget about the Tevas! With these blue, graphic designed rubber sole numbers, she is ready to travel the world!

Captured: I scoped out this Fashionista in the central shopping area of Athens, Greece.