It’s a boy! Yes, it is true, yours truly finally found a fellow to feature. All of my male friends are constantly hoping to attain this coveted spot with their own twist on fashion. This post is very exciting, especially for me, as I tend to analyze men’s fashion choices more than women’s. Personal style is a great way to show the world who you want to be each day, so I appreciate it when a man takes the time to put effort into his appearance.

As I have mentioned before, London is filled with incredibly stylish civilians, and the men are no exception. The most popular trend for guys in the city is the slim-fitted suit. I know it is a cliché, but I’m a firm believer in the idea, “look good, feel good,” and this guy knows what I mean.

This chap was wearing the perfect outfit for a typical day in London. It could easily transition him from work near the Docklands to a night out with his pals. He opted for a blue suit instead of sticking to a typical black suit. It was very slim, and if you looked closely, had a subtle plaid pattern. Underneath this, he wore a patterned button-up containing varying blues and whites. No suit is complete without a pocket square and contrasting belt.

He was also all about the accessories. He donned a two-toned watch, unique in that it was partially made of wood. In addition to this, he wore a strand of blue and black beads. His brown leather shoes proved to be carefully chosen in order to ensure a complete look. He was fearless when it came to accessorizing and pulled a sleek outfit together that showed his confidence. If you ever want to look as if you are a businessman in London, try out a slim look that is detailed and refined.

Captured: I captured this lad walking through the busy streets of the glamorous borough of Kensington.