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FASHION FROM ABROAD: Stockholm Je T'aime

June 29th, 2016 at 2:06am

Seemingly overnight, Scandinavia went from “that socialist purgatory” in northern Europe to the idealized utopia where no one is sick, everyone is tall and beautiful and dancing around under the midnight sun as liberal media fantasizes. With the rise of Scandinavian fashion spearheaded by the likes of Acne and H&M, neo-Scandinavian cuisine pioneered by Noma and Frozen’s flaunting of the Norwegian landscape—Sweden, Denmark and Norway—Scandinavia was suddenly on the radar for the global cultural elite. I always found Acne’s relentless success fascinating, as each collection seems to increasingly resemble the wardrobe of an Ingmar Bergman movie. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that the prominence of black straight-cut coats in Stockholm was due to legal obligations. This Fashionista, however, shrugs the The Seventh Seal-Grim Reaper look with her wonderful, French-inspired spring style.

Her outfit is a wonderful blend of Parisian-chic with Scandinavian minimalism. At first glance, the black and white color blocking seems overwhelmingly BLK DNM. However, it’s relieved by the layered flounce skirt and the gorgeous chiffon scarf that both add some francophone volume to the look. Similarly, the dash of color from the Fashionista’s lavish Celiné bag in green python subtly matched with the green details of her Stan Smith sneakers, which further worked to reduce the monotony. All these elements work in harmony to create a Scandinavian outfit that’s not very Scandinavian at all.

The overwhelming simplicity of the outfit makes it equally suited as a summery, work appropriate attire for internships as well for an afternoon stroll on sun drenched streets.

Captured: These photos were taken on the streets of Östermalm in the eastern parts of Stockholm. The area is famous for its elegant turn-of-the-century architecture and some of the most famous urban parks such as Humlegården and Djurgården. Although largely residential, the area is also the home to some of Stockholm’s most exclusive shops and restaurants in all of Stockholm and arguably Scandinavia.