Edinburgh is known for many things, including its magnificent architecture, stunning views of Arthur’s seat and of course the UK weather. When going to a school where rain is expected on a daily basis, it is harder than normal to dress for success. One thing I never understood before I arrived in Scotland was how women wore dresses so often and looked okay with the gruesome weather despite the fact that they had exposed legs. This Fashionista found the answer to this question so luckily I didn’t have to fail in trying. The greatest invention this side of the pond is knee-high socks. Thanks to these overly long pieces of fabric, girls can keep their legs warm while also looking put together and dressy. Pants are a great invention but there is always something more fun about wearing a dress, despite the season.

In her navy blue Free People dress, this Fashionista can still keep a carefree summer vibe while also keeping warm with her oversized coat. Pairing her knee-high socks with sheer black tights, she keeps her legs warm and stylish, all the while creating a whimsical winter-wear look. Matching the surroundings, her suede ankle booties blend in with the worn façade of the University’s historic architecture. However, no outfit is complete without a reminder of home, like this Fashionista’s Pandora and Alex and Ani bracelets given to her from family and friends. With these good luck charms, this grad student is sure to bring some good marks back home. Most importantly, the key to success at any school, abroad or not, is to always keep a smile on your face! Luckily for this Fashionista, her outfit and smile are both on point.

Captured: The University of Edinburgh has many campuses, each unique in studies and style. Old College is home to the Law School and is one of the iconic buildings of Edinburgh. This Fashionista roams the halls of Old College during term time and the magical Scottish geography in her days off. You can say that we are a bit spoiled her at UOE, as we are surrounded by beauty both inside and out of the classroom.