FASHION FROM ABROAD: Sneaking Her Way Through Milan

Four weeks of Italian food, sight-seeing and endless shopping has finally begun! I have landed in Milan for my Study Abroad program and cannot wait to learn how this side of the world lives, but most importantly dresses.

From what I have seen in the first few days of arriving, fashion in Milan is much more constant than back at home. New York is a place where everyone has the freedom to express their own individual style and make it their own: in other words, you can see anything from a ‘naked cowboy’ (literally), to the suited up people on Wall Street. Milan natives seem to be very alike in their fashion style, which is the complete opposite of what I had expected.

Back home, Nike sneakers are paired strictly with workout gear, but here in Milan it is considered everyday wear with almost any type of clothing. Nike sneakers are worn leisurely, with dresses or with the trendiest of outfits. This Fashionista paired her bright Nike sneakers with a casual yet very chic look. One can never go wrong with a cute graphic tee and some leggings. She made this casual look edgy by adding a beaded Hamsa necklace, unbuttoned denim shirt and large Longchamp tote. These easy add-ons were perfect in making this ordinary outfit hip and stylish. Another accessory that spices up any outfit is a cute hat. This wide-brim fedora was the perfect touch for this Fashionistas street style look.

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted walking to the Venzia Subway station in Milan, Italy.