Ooh la la! Nothing is more Parisian than a classic striped shirt, especially if worn in conjunction with an adorable little dog! On the streets of Paris there is, stereotypically, an abundance of stripes. I was fully prepared to walk the city and debunk this assumptive trend, but I have to admit, it’s not only quite common, but it’s also still trés chic!

After a stop at the Café du Commerce, I explored the 15th arrondissement in quiet contemplation, trying to take in the sights. Only a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower, you’d think I’d have fallen deep into a tourist trap, but instead, I was amongst the locals. The remarkable thing about French fashion is its simplicity. As I am always an advocate for minimalism, you can only imagine my goggling eyes as I poached the street for ensembles.

Now, it might seem cliché to wear stripes in Paris, but in reality, they blend right in. Parisians dress sleek and comfortable and  always with their own personal twist. Whether that be a neck scarf, a unique jacket or a hat, no two outfits are the same, regardless of how similar they may seem. Men and women take obvious care in their attire, and it makes people watching so much more fun.

Like this Fashionista, a striped shirt can be both casual and put together. Worn with a denim jacket on denim bottoms, a popular trend this spring, it does not make the outfit any less comfortable, just a tad more interesting. Her shoes, though, are what really caught my eye. Beat up high-tops truly capture the youth of Paris and how they can still make even sneakers look fashionable. Oh, and adding a dog never hurts!

Captured: I stopped this adorable dog-walker on the Rue de Commerce in the 15th Arrondissement.