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FASHION FROM ABROAD: School Girl Look With A Twist

Ever been to Japan? Well if you have, you probably noticed that unlike Americans, Japanese people tend to rely on public transportation as well as their own two feet as their main sources of transportation. This means that walking a few miles a day is the usual norm. With this said, many Japanese college students still want to look stylish and cute while traveling to and from school.

This Fashionista styled her T-shirt dress with her detachable collar. The combination of the preppy collar with the casual T-shirt dress creates a sporty but girly effect to her overall look. Collars are gaining popularity in Japan as well as all around the world as well due to their universality. By wearing a collar, you can add business and studious vibe to basically any look as well as reflect natural light to your face.

Especially since Japan is entering their rainy season, T-shirt dresses are the perfect apparel during this wet and humid season. Unlike form fitting clothes, a T-shirt dress tends to be flowy and airy due to its non-conforming style. In addition to a comfortable but stylish top, this Fashionista styled her outfit with a pair of black socks and black Nike Air Max sneakers. The black color scheme allows the main focus of the overall look to be on the dress. In other words, it blends in well with the look rather than steal the spotlight from the main point of this outfit.

Nike is also known for their comfort and sporty style. By selecting a pair of Nike sneakers, this Fashionista was able to bring a sporty look while assuring a comfortable and stylish commute to and from school. Wearing athletic sneakers instead of high heels or sandals are the current popular shoe trend in the walking dependent country of Japan.

Last but not least, a trip to class wouldn’t be complete without your textbook or laptop. Although purses are cute and stylish, they aren’t the most favorable type of bag when it comes to carrying your school materials. Thus, this Fashionista decided to carry her materials in her black hiking HealthKnit backpack. What is great about this backpack is that it is black so that it can match practically any colored outfit. In addition to matching outfits, this backpack can easily store your laptop and textbooks while allowing a comfortable and padded support around your back and shoulders (because you know how heavy these textbooks and laptops can be).

Captured: This Fashionista was on her way to class as she was spotted at the Odakyu Sagamiono Station in Kanagawa, Japan.