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September 19th, 2016 at 2:05am

The start of a new semester brings a new flood of different cultures, fashions, trends and clothes. Especially living in NYC and attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, where fashions of all unique styles thrive. The beginning of the semester is the perfect time to admire all these fabulous styles before school gets too hectic and people seem to start throwing on whatever they see.

Walking through the halls at school, I ran into this lovely, quirky Fashionista. This Fashionista studied abroad this past summer in Japan. Feeling those waves of jealously, much? Same here Fashionistas. Luckily for us, our Fashionista brought back a little of the Japanese culture that embraces the same level of cute and quirky that’s perfect for any style. To say she is inspired by this beautiful country is obvious, to say the least.

Gabby incorporates a mix of a simple American maxi dress over a small Japanese-esque cartoon T-shirt. The effect is effortless, chic and eccentric. Intricate beaded sandals that match her lovely drop earrings make for a lasting effect as she strolls confidently throughout the city. To complete this stylish look, she is wearing a necklace she got in Japan featuring a figure known as a Kappa. This traditional Japanese folklore is a popular little creature who is described as a mischief maker inhabiting rivers.

With so many people in NYC wearing the same dark tones, or maybe even the same identical top from a retail store, it is refreshing to see a different culturally styled look represented in these streets. After all, different cultures and styles make for your perfect runway look, especially if they’re unconventional and quirky.