A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to travel to the world’s most populous country. You’ve guessed it—China! On top of that, I got the chance to travel to three of it’s most beautiful cities: Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. Though I was super excited and ready for this new adventure, there were a few things that made me wary at first about going to a completely different place with an entirely different culture. There was the agonizing 15-hour flight and the 12-hour time difference, but the air pollution definitely takes the cake. But by keeping an open mind, I had probably one the most insightful trips of my life and would definitely recommend China for any avid travelers.

The one thing I was definitely most excited for was seeing the fashion of China. I have said this once before and I will continue to say it; I stand firmly by my opinion of Asians having the finest swag and are the most fashion forward of everyone else. Dare to dispute me on this. With cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong taking rightful spots in top fashion cities reports, it’s hard to disagree that Asia is definitely taking over the fashion world. Every day I was on the look out for distinctive outfits, and I would be so tempted to ask for a picture whenever I came across one.

Luckily, I had the pleasure of personally meeting this Fashionista. She actually approached me to compliment my outfit, with the little English she knows. But her outfit was definitely worth capturing. She was so cute! Her outfit gave off the “schoolgirl” vibes that I just loved. Granted, I did meet her on a university campus which she attended school. The outfit was clean and proper, with a classy lace top, pinstripe pants and platform shoes. Her accessories helped finish off the “schoolgirl” aesthetic with a cute woven backpack, and especially the black hair bow. Who knew I would go to China and make such a cute, stylish friend?

Captured: I met this adorable Fashionista while visiting Xi’an Medical University in Xi’an, China.