After just a few weeks Italy I immediately saw major fashion trends that were not prominent in the States. Florence is a magical city filled with so many different types of people. In the summer season there are so many tourists from all over the world giving me so many fashion trends to absorb. I love how the people here have an ability to mix and match bohemian and classic pieces with elements from different parts of the world. One trend that I have seen not only from the tourists, but the local Italian women is patterned pants. Every store I wander into has racks on racks of these patterned pants.

This fashionista is rocking pattern joggers with a stylish tie to add a more detail than the classic pant. Choose a pant that fits your personal style, whether it be bright or muted colors, fitted or flared pants, they all are trending! Pairing these pants with a fitted tank top or crop top is the perfect way to transition this outfit from day to night allowing you to be exploring for hours without any worries. For a more casual look pair the pants with a flowy tank, this really plays up the bohemian style. Not only are these pants a statement, they are breathable in the scorching hot summer weather. They also cover your legs to create a less revealing look, which is encouraged here in Italy. Basically, pattern pants cover all your basics while being the total opposite of a basic America girl!

Some accessories that are popular here in Italy and go well with this look are cross-body bags, strappy sandals, and round-lensed sunglasses!

Captured: This fashionista was captured on the streets of Florence, Italy!