FASHION FROM ABROAD: Overalls Around the World

Since I only have a couple of days left before I officially finish my year studying abroad in Edinburgh and I finally have to go back to Canada, I think it’s fitting that I featured some British fashion on CollegeFashionista before I leave.

Throughout this year, I have been inspired by the fashion around me. Although much of it is similar to North American style, after living in Scotland for a year
I can confirm that British style does have it’s own essence and magic about it. It seems edgy, fresh and exciting (at least to me) and yet commonplace here in Britain.

An example of this: Dungarees. What most of us may call overalls and associate with manual labour and ‘80s fashion has now made a massive comeback, especially in the United Kingdom. I’ve seen dungarees and pinafores/dungaree dresses almost every week here as I walk across campus or through the town.

This style has been so influential that it even led me to buy a pair of black denim dungarees (in case you haven’t figured it out by this point, dungarees are basically the British version of overalls). The best thing about dungarees is that they are versatile. They can be worn throughout changing seasons, depending on the undergarments you choose to wear with them. In the winter and spring, you can pair them with a long sleeved shirt to keep warm and as it gets warmer you can switch this to a T-shirt. Now that it is summer though, I recommend pairing them with a crop top or even a cute bralette if you’re feeling edgy. You can also dress this up or down depending on the style you purchase and the accessories and shoes you pair them with. This Fashionista went for a more casual look by layering a sweater underneath black denim dungarees, as it is still quite chilly here in Edinburgh in June and accessorized with a few simple silver rings, a watch, purse and white sneakers.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista while strolling down Princes Street (the popular shopping street) in Edinburgh, Scotland.