大家好!I am back home in 上海, Shanghai, a lovely city in northern China. It is summer but the weather is not exactly shimmering. It is hot and humid and raindrops are constantly falling from the sky. You can physically feel the water vapor in the air you breathe in. However, this Fashionista chooses to dress in the most sunny, and cheerful way possible. She said that she isn’t going to let the crummy weather bring her down. Summer is about fun and relaxation, so why not show it through your outfits?

She wore a bright red, floral-print top with a pair of plain white shorts and accessorized with a pair of black leather sandals with black leather purse, and finally black leather watch. This Fashionista defied the overcast weather by wearing this top that beams through the dull day. She nicely balances the eye-catching top with very simple accessories. Her shoes, watch and purse are all plain and simple, giving her a very elegant but also down to earth look. On the busy streets of Shanghai, her outfit stood out like an apple amongst coconuts.

Red is a very auspicious color in Chinese culture, people often wear it on special occasions such as marriage and birthdays. Not to mention the flowers on her shirt are peonies, another auspicious symbol in Chinese culture. They are seen in many famous paintings and carved in furnitures to bring people good luck and fortune. It is very common to find floral prints on bright colored shirts or dresses in China. This Fashionista found a chic way to dress a traditional print.

Captured: This Fashionista was walking down the busy pedestrian shopping area of Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, China.