Xi’an has been the capital of ancient China for 13 dynasties. Despite its 3000 years of age, this old town surprised me with some eastern and western fashion combinations. I found this Fashionista downtown at the city wall while she was on her way home. A little rain didn’t stop her from putting on a dress with a good mood.

Her navy dress has a clean cut and a proper length ratio. The nylon material keeps her warm from the wind. The small bowtie on her shoulder shows the attention to detail. She chose a peach pink Fendi purse that could fit all she needs for a day of running errands. Although it’s from 2012, this “dumpling” shape purse is still suitable for many occasions. The black wedge sandals with metal elements bring a sense of strong femininity into her outfit. They follow perfectly the trend of hollow design this summer. Giving it a closer look, you’ll find this outfit more colorful than you think. The jewelry has more Chinese features. Her beads bracelet made of Amethyst stone and jade is from a temple in Xi’an. Since Buddhism is a popular religion in China, she wears this to protect herself from natural disasters or accidents.

You don’t necessarily need to wear cheongsam to show your culture. Some details that bring some exotic feelings are enough. Boys and girls in this ancient town know how to be chic. They are open to all kinds of clothing styles and know how to combine them with Chinese culture. Albeit this fast developing city is not often heard by foreigners like Beijing, Shanghai or HongKong, Xi’an’s unique style keeps it alive like a dragon.

Captured: I captured this Fashionista under the bell tower and city wall of Xi’an.