FASHION FROM ABROAD: More Classics Please

Black is a classic color capable of creating multiple looks. From official events to casual dance parties, black could be your dressing theme. Another classic clothes pattern could be leopard, an element every woman put in her wardrobe. What happens when one classic meets another? On a cloudy day in Xi’an, I met this Fashionista shopping for a new purse.

Since it’s a cloudy day, she decides to put on a simple and comfortable outfit for a couple of hours walking. The black T-shirt she bought years ago in high school looks old but workable for a variety kinds of jeans, shorts or skirt. The light black mixed with gray jeans from Zara puts in another level of black into her outfit. Her handbag from Marc By Marc Jacobs is from the 2014 collection. It looks small, but could fit many things because of its soft leather material. The leopard elements appear in the glasses and sandals. Although they are the least notable places, the Fashionista paid attention to detail and showed a well-matched outfit. When the two classic element black and leopard collide, magic will happen. Classic elements make your whole look low-key but graceful.

The harmony of color and pattern is important when matching clothes. A classic combination of T-shirt and jeans, or sandals and a big purse could never go wrong. Stylish trends like lace or ombré could make you stand out in the crowd. But don’t forget those classic elements that have survived fashion world through decades.

Captured: I captured this Fashionista at the downtown shopping street in Xi’an.