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August 16th, 2016 at 2:06am

Packing for a month long study abroad excursion can be a daunting task. There are always questions of how many pairs of shoes to bring, if a jacket is really necessary in the summer and whether or not there’ll be a place to do laundry once you arrive. At one point, I had 30 outfits in my suitcase to last the entire month abroad. There were two problems with that. 1. My suitcase wouldn’t shut. 2. I’d definitely be paying a hefty overweight fee at the airport if I didn’t take some things out. I took a good chunk of my clothes out to leave room for necessities. Lucky for me, I’d be studying abroad in Spain during the hot month of July and could get away with lightweight, thin and sheer materials that would fit easily into my suitcase.

Upon arriving in Salamanca I realized that my decision to pack light summer clothes was spot on. Local Fashionistas flounced around in off-the-shoulder cropped blouses, flowy tanks and airy dresses. Strappy sandals were undeniably trending as they caressed the feet of women and men all around me. I also noticed that after siesta (naptime in Spain) the locals go back out to town in their eveningwear. This Fashionista even upgrades her sandals for the evening by adding a 3-inch heel.

Her maxi dress is an effortlessly elegant look for an afternoon stroll through La Plaza Mayor to go shopping and out for tapas. The dark orange and brown hues of this dress reflect the color scheme of the beautiful clay architecture and cobblestone walkways in Salamanca. The fabric is light and airy enough to flow as she walks without getting too clingy to her skin. She grabs a dark purple cross-body to have an easy, hands-free evening out. Cross-body’s are also one of the safest handbag options for excursions through foreign countries. I always swing mine around the front of my body so that I can keep my eyes on it at all times.

Salamanca is a city where everything is within walking distance and hardly anyone has a car. I was quick to learn that my flip flops would not suffice as the constant flopping motion made my ankles sore and the straps ingrained blisters on the tops of my feet within the first couple of days. I bought a pair of Spanish leather gladiators within the first week. This Fashionista dresses up the sandals trend with her strappy leather heels. They provide enough support to make walking a breeze. Pair them with a maxi dress like this and the style will be elevated from a casual sundress to an evening gown. It’s also a fashion forward trend to go off and embrace all that Spain has to offer.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista on my walk back to my host family’s apartment by the Convento de San Esteban in Salamanca, Spain.