When studying abroad, you know planning weekend and even day trips is a must. But unfortunately when packing for your time abroad, you cannot bring your entire closet. One must narrow down their selections, and make sure to pack the pieces of clothing that are necessities and trendy all at the same time. I myself even had difficulty packing to study abroad. The weather in a particular place influences the trend and the person pulling off the trend. In London, the trend is to keep warm and look great while doing so. In order to keep warm, men turned to layering their fashionable attire, making what they were wearing was warm and comfortable.

For people who live in London, England year-round, they are accustomed to the concept of layering, especially men. Everywhere I looked, men were in layers and topped their layered look with a trendy trench coat, which was either long or short. This Fashionisto was ready for the chilly and windy weather London had to offer. This layered look starts with a white and navy blue striped T-shirt; on top of that he has a quarter zip cashmere sweater. Then to top off the layered look, he has a tan trench coat. This look is a trend I would find everywhere while traveling through London and even Europe. There is nothing better than layers to keep you warm and looking trendy.

Captured: I found this Fashionisto near Big Ben in London England. This study abroad student definitely caught on to the layered London look.