Paris, the city of light. Visiting this fashion capital is every Fashionista’s dream. I was lucky enough to take a fashion brand marketing class in Paris, where we compared American and French luxury brands. French fashion captures your eye like no other with its elegance and uniqueness. The Parisians really know how to dress without overdoing it. With so many commuters in this busy city, they dress to fit their active lifestyles and still manage to look effortlessly chic. This Fashionista was inspired by the locals to dress accordingly to her busy schedule without looking like a tourist.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a day of sightseeing all around Paris. Her slightly off-the-shoulder top is my favorite element of this look. The ribbon detailing and unique neckline bring a relaxed vibe to this outfit. Her red silk scarf makes her look like the locals, who love to accessorize with scarves. This scarf was from her grandmother and it makes a statement, but is also simple enough to go with so many looks. Of course, you can never go wrong with dark jeans and comfortable riding boots to get you through the long day of touring the city. Her beige tote bag is also great for carrying belongings like a camera and umbrella—an item everyone should have for Paris’ unpredictable and ever-changing weather. Taking inspiration for the Parisian women who wear little to no makeup, she kept her hair and makeup very simple and lets her natural beauty shine through. This Fashionista is all set for a day filled with adventure and still looks très chic!

Paris officially has my heart and I have learned so much from the locals. I have definitely taken fashion inspiration from the Parisian street-style and incorporated my new findings into my personal style. I fell in love with The City of Light and cannot wait to go back! Until next time Paris, je t’aime!

Captured: I found this Fashionista in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the center of Paris, France.