August 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

La bella figura translates to “beautiful figure,” but in Italy the philosophy behind it goes much deeper. This saying represents the Italian way of life, with the idea that the behaviors you exhibit and the way you carry yourself and treat others represents beauty more than anything else. Italians pride themselves on how they present themselves not only through proper dress and self care, but manners and good behavior.

Despite the high temperatures, long flowy pants and slacks are still a summertime favorite in Florence, because of their modesty and class. This Fashionista showed off a pair of patterned wide leg pants that were loose enough to let in a little breeze, but tight enough to show her figure. She paired them with a white silk tank top to contrast the bold pattern, and then completed the look with chic shoes and accessories.

This Fashionista’s choice for footwear was perfect. Her light brown strappy block heel helps add length to her wide leg pants, but are still an appropriate height to be strutting down the streets of Florence. For accessories she chose a simple and smart black quilted cross-body bag with a gold front closure. Satchels and cross-body bags are ideal for touristic cities so that you have easy access to your belongings, and sight on them at all times to prevent pick pocketing. Lastly, she added a little bit of shine with her gold and crystal rock ring to together the whole ensemble.

Captured: This photo was taken right outside of the bustling train station in Florence, Italy, right before she headed off to Milan.