Continuing my journey in Greece, I began to notice the popularity of jumpsuits. On several occasions, I would look around and see super cute jumpsuits and rompers. I loved the differences in the same type of garment. From differences in sleeve lengths, patterns and material, jumpsuits have the ability to fit every occasion; the beauty of versatility!

One particular look that drew me in was a jumpsuit that made me think of the several places I could wear it to. The piece definitely stood out from the crowd. This Fashionista donned a strapless, chevron printed jumpsuit. The light material made it perfect for the hot weather. She complemented the piece with a gold cuff bracelet accented with turquoise stones. In Greece, gold is a classic type of jewelry to wear and she totally encapsulates the Greek culture with this accessory. This Fashionista then completes the look with brown, leather braided sandals and black circular sunglasses. With a bohemian-retro vibe wherever she goes, she’ll be sure to have the whole place jumpin’, jumpin’!

The jumpsuit was purchased at a clothing boutique named 2 Friends, native to Santorini. The sandals were also purchased in a shoe shop in Santorini. These one of a kind pieces add personal value and uniqueness to her outfit. The overall look was a success! She matches the cool print of the jumpsuit with interesting, yet toned down accessories to create a stylish balance!

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted during lunch in the popular town of Fira located in Santorini, Greece.