When looking at people who are foreign to us, we always question how different their style is to ours. While studying abroad I met some interesting people, but I found that their sense of style was not that much different than ours. This Fashionista is from Italy, and she demonstrates how American trends carry into Europe. Trends are not meant to be confined in one place; they are universal. The universal trend that this Fashionista is wearing is an everyday look that consists of patterned flowy shorts and a white V-neck T-shirt. The items in her look that are not so universal are her cross-body Italian leather bag and her platform sandals, which are dominating the fashion world.

These platform shoes are the most unique part of this Fashionista’s look. These sandals give her the perfect amount of height and make her even more confident than she already is. This Italian Fashionista is ready for anything that comes her way. Usually people would pair this look with a plain sandal to tone down the shorts, but not for this Fashionista. She makes the bold move of bringing out her black platform sandals and also adds a pop of color with her purse. This purse is purely chic, and you can tell just by looking at it that it has to be hand crafted. This purse is not something available everywhere, and it definitely is not something you would find at the mall. The purse adds the perfect amount of color to the look, and she made sure it didn’t clash with her shorts. This outfit is perfect for classes abroad, or even if you plan on going sight-seeing.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista in Fornelli, Italy.