FASHION FROM ABROAD: Graphic T-shirts and Sneaks, Please

All the way around the world, who would have thought that such simple trends would make the biggest fashion statements? Not me! To my surprise, I have noticed that while studying in Milan, Italy some of the most basic fashion trends of America are huge here!

Local Fashionistas of the city are constantly sporting their favorite graphic T-shirts with bold words, sassy sayings or classy phrases. These casual T-shirts are almost always paired with a pair of classic sneakers. Sneakers here in Milan are extremely popular to be paired with any everyday outfit. Almost every Fashionista you see on the street is sporting their favorite sneakers and rocking them no matter what the occasion is. The main sneaker brands seen around the city are Nike, Converse, adidas, Vans and Geox.

These twinning Fashionistas are rocking their matching graphic T-shirts and sneakers in order to blend with the locals of the city. Their graphic T-shirts are bold and make a definite fashion statement, while they also stay comfortable in shorts in the blazing summer heat. Not only do their sneakers help them to blend in with the crowd of Milan, but they keep their feet extremely comfortable for a long day of adventuring.

Their brightly tinted shades are the perfect accessory not only for summer, but for the abroad lifestyle. They are trendy and help them to blend in with the local community even more.

Captured: These Fashionistas are headed to a day of classes and an afternoon of sightseeing in Milan, Italy. There look is perfect for comfort during a long day while also being stylish enough or one of the world’s famous fashion capitals.