Throughout all of the high fashion European cities, sneakers are a major element of fashion for locals all over. Shoes can make or break a look, so the choice to be bold and stand out is one only a true Fashionista can make. Europeans wear sneakers with almost any look out there, whether it be casual, business attire or even professional wear. So in order to blend in with the local community, sneakers are a must while studying abroad. But to keep the trendy style of a Fashionista, it is also important be brave and bold in your sneaker choice.

This Fashionista is rocking the perfect pair of neon orange Nike Air Force 1 sneakers throughout the city. Not only do these keep her extremely comfortable for a long day of walking, but they give her the ability to rock a fashion statement everywhere she goes.

She pairs her bright sneakers with basic black attire to keep the emphasis of her look focused on her shoes. Her attire is comfortable for a day of exploring, appropriate for a hot summer day and sassy, all at the same time.

She is sporting a black spaghetti strapped romper with draping in the front. Paired with a lacey bandeau, the look is simple but perfectly fitted. To add an element of sparkle, she adds an adorable set of layered gold necklaces. These finish off her look and match the gold in her Rebecca Minkoff cross-body, completing her look effortlessly.

This Fashionista is not afraid to rock the streets with confidence. She is going bold while abroad and enjoying every minute of it. When she travels back to the USA she is ready to sport her European looks and embrace her favorite new trends she discovered while being abroad!

Captured: I caught this Fashionista rocking her look down the well-known shopping street of Buenos Aires in Milan, Italy.