When you’re on a trip it’s not always easy to look chic and feel comfortable at the same time. Although this lovely Mexican Fashionista was meeting the streets of Lima, she looked trendier than a usual tourist. Such a stylish outfit stood out from a sea of blue jeans and simple T-shirts.

First, when you know that walking will be a must in your day you should definitely wear comfortable shoes. These white Converse are the perfect choice for meeting the city without pain. On the other hand, these black trousers have a very special detail—Zippers. Without them, this pair of pants would be another pair of skinny pants. Moreover, the high-waisted look is perfectly matched with this eyelet crop. Even though the actual season here is fall, that sunny day deserved a summer vibe which was brought by this white crop. On the other hand, the final touches of elegance were given by such chic accessories: The bag and the sunglasses. This structured bag has the perfect size for carrying everything you would need for a day in a new city. I have not doubts that all your personal belongings will fit perfectly inside this trendy bag. Additionally, these mirror sunglasses are still a hot trend. Looking at the ones this Fashionista is wearing makes me feel like I need to buy a pair right now! I have to admit that I didn’t use to like these type of glasses, but now they are my top choice.

Captured: This Fashionista was found hanging out in the streets of Barranco in Lima, Peru.