FASHION FROM ABROAD: From New York To Perugia

Being a Fashionista and having the opportunity to travel and study abroad this summer has been a great way to see all of the fashion trends at the current moment. Rather than finding a local, I wanted to focus on someone that is also studying abroad like me and seeing what kind of fashion and accessories they apply to their own style.

It has been very cloudy and rainy in Perugia and this Fashionista nailed the look for this kind of weather. Her sheer gray pullover allows you to see her crisscross bralette underneath. The crisscross style is very in right now. The pullover is perfect for this weather as it is breezy, comfortable and keeps you cozy all at the same time. Her chic ripped jeans complement her denim New York baseball cap, creating an effortless, stylish look. I really love her own twist of style she creates by adding a very subtle pop of color with her pink swatch watch, her blue Hamsa necklace and then tying it together with her silver rings. The Adidas she is rocking are a classic touch! Adidas are huge in Europe right now and they make for the best walking shoes. They’re cool, comfy and their bright white and thick sole can pull together ANY look. Adidas have become a staple item in every closet.

Finishing it off with a gray leather backpack, this Fashionista is ready to take on her classes. A smaller backpack is essential for any Fashionista that is traveling abroad as it is cute, handy and it adds a certain edge to any outfit.

Captured: I encountered this Fashionista from New York on her way to class in the streets of Perugia, Italy.