FASHION FROM ABROAD: From Chelsea To Oxford, With Love

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

At the beginning of my sophomore year, my fellow Style Gurus and I hosted a photo shoot for the CollegeFashionista article “Best-Dressed Freshmen.” While taking photos on Emory’s campus, a freshman from England shared her amusement with boots in America. Knee-high boots, in her words, were not “a thing” in the U.K. Instead, girls opt for a classic Chelsea boot to complete their ensembles.

During my first week in England, I realize the truth behind her statement. Chelsea boots can be spotted on every corner—just like cafes, which will make my return to the States that much harder. Cafes for days, am I right?

This Fashionista exemplifies the importance of a good pair of Chelsea boots—whether it’s during a stay in the U.K. or at home during summer break. One of the great things about London and Oxford is that everything is in walking distance, which helps burn the calories consumed at all these cafes. However, this also entails that we must wear shoes that are appropriate for the long distances walked in City Centre and along the Thames. A pair of Chelsea boots like this are in between high tops and knee-highs. Plus they provide a perfect alternative to regular walking shoes—both of which prevent ankle restriction.

These boots complement this Fashionista’s black top and satchel. To complete this look, wear an earth tone skirt, as worn above, or a pair of trousers. Either decision will ensure that you are comfortable during your European adventures this summer. So, take a tip from the Brits and go for a pair of Chelsea boots.

Captured: This look was spotted in the City Centre of Oxford, England.