FASHION FROM ABROAD: Fashionably Late for a Very Important Date

As cliché as this sounds, the one word that can be used to describe my study abroad experience in Oxford is “magical.” The sites, history, social scene and culture contributed to an inclusive environment that made my experience in the U.K. one to be discussed over a series of brunches upon my return to Emory. Well, that’s if I can find a certain white rabbit to lead the way.

One of the most significant cultural differences between the States and the U.K. is the emphasis on tea culture in England. Whether it’s high tea at Kensington Palace’s The Orangery, a trendy sip at Sketch or an excuse to eat scones at The Rose, tea shops dominate the streets and provide a means for friends and family to converse over a small nosh. English men and women may be laid back, but their outfits tend to parallel the refined culture that surrounds the Windsor line. Take this week’s Fashionista, for example, when planning the perfect high tea outing.

A skirt and blouse combo makes the best high tea outfit since it is both functional and can be dressed up for the occasion. Londoners are all about practicality, which—from a fashion girl’s perspective—sounds horrifying. However, during my stay in England with a small valise worth of clothing—and plenty of English women to emulate—I soon realized that practicality doesn’t always hinder dressing for success…or scones with clotted crème. English style truly triumphs and provides the best of both worlds.

To debunk another style myth, practicality does not equate to mundane. Go out of the box by partnering a navy skirt with a blouse that adds a pop of color or print to the overall outfit. Complete the look with a pair of booties and a watch so you don’t have to be fashionably late for your “very important [tea] date.”

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted on the Regent’s Park campus—one of 38 colleges that comprises the University of Oxford.