FASHION FROM ABROAD: England's Better With A Sweater

This past week, I have spotted plenty of tartan wraps, Pashminas and cashmere sweaters—the latter of which I cannot type without thinking of George Costanza’s girlfriend in the episode “The Red Dot” who goes off on a tangent about this textile. Oxford: you’re cold, but that’s okay if I can retort with Seinfeld references. Also, as much as I’d love to chill poolside in 80 degree weather, I realize that the opportunity to study at Regent’s Park is completely worth my “let me run into this pub for warmth” attitude. When in England, eh?

Whether in the Museum of Natural History or on a walking tour of the Kelmscott grounds, warm attire is a necessity. One cultural difference I’ve picked up on during my time in the U.K. is that air conditioning and heating are on the back burner—no pun intended. Staying indoors does not equate to warmth, which makes this Fashionista’s outfit the perfect alternative to our summer wear in the States.

Color scheme plays an important role in this outfit. By wearing a powder blue cable knit from Jack Wills and white, straight legged jeans, she doesn’t give up the playful palette we envision for summer. To pull the outfit together, she wears gold jewelry—necklace, watch and earrings—that maintains the polished vibe. Accessories will either make or break an outfit, so keep it simple when sporting summer colors.

A sweater and jeans combo may be a complete 180 from what I would wear during this time in Atlanta, but at Oxford, they’re a necessity. Talk about sweater weather!

Captured: This look was spotted at Kelmscott Manor—the former home of the textile designer and pre-Raphaelite William Morris.