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If there is one thing that Europeans are known for in the fashion world, it would be for “dressing smart.” What does this mean? It means a clean and put together look typically consisting of neutral tones. Whether it be a trip to the nearest snack bar for piece of pizza or a night on the town, you’ll never see someone like this Italian Fashionista dressed down!

When you walk about Rome, you can easily distinguish the trendy 20-something Romans amongst the crowd. We often, but not always, see outfits that somewhat resemble this uniform: a button-up or dressy top, dark or black jeans, a light jacket and a pair of oxfords or trainers. This Fashionista follows these guidelines on almost a daily basis by mainly sticking to blacks, whites or nudes sometimes paired with blue denim.

Summer in Italy means even warmer temperatures, so we see her wearing a spunky statement tank requesting that you “tell someone who cares” and a pair of fitted high-waist cigarette pants. She finishes off the look with a pair of tan oxfords. Since the colors of her top and shoes match the colors in the classic (but fun) pattern in her cigarette pants, these pieces work well together. Cigarette pants and oxford shoes are typically dressy pieces, but she brings this down a notch by pairing them with a playful top.

Captured: I snagged these photos of this gorgeous red head in the Historical Center of Rome, Italy just outside of a pizzeria!