Upon arriving to Rome, I realized that comfortable clothing is extremely important to survive the active atmosphere. While preparing for my week stay in Italy, I struggled deciding what to pack. I had two large bags, and a carry on full of heels. I was told immediately to condense my clothing to one bag by only packing what is necessary. Therefore, I ditched about five pairs of jeans, six tops, a jean jacket, three pairs of shorts and few pajama items and hoped for the best!

Despite my efforts to pack for the climate and everlasting walking conditions (great exercise! I must say), I fell short. On the hunt for great Italian food, I was continuously breaking a sweat. My skin was sticky, I could not wear any makeup and my outfit was not the cutest. Gross! This Grecian Fashionista I approached at lunch, however, looked fabulous.

She maintained a very polished-casual look. Her hair was in a slick ponytail allowing her face to be the focal point. She wore a black cotton T-shirt dress with a low V-neckline and swank accessories. Her sunglasses were Prada. Her tote was showered in black fringe and gold embellishments. Continuing the gold accents across the toe and at the ankle, her sandals were the highlight of the ensemble. The sole of the shoe was thick and white giving her a little height differentiating from a flat. It is common to see shoes with a thicker sole in Europe because the constant walking to and fro in its cities. Many of the markets throughout Rome neighborhoods sell this type of sandal for the summer. I am actually contemplating getting a pair of my own! Hopefully, I can fit them in my carry on.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista in the beautiful neighborhood Trastevere in Rome, Italy.