I find it really important to show your personality through your own unique style. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. Being confident with your look and truly feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best outfit someone can wear. This Fashionista caught my attention with her confidence and style that is full of individuality. She decided to bring many trends together into a dressy look and the end result was nothing but beautiful and fashionable!

Notice how she is wearing these super stylish silver heels, a colorful purse, big round sunglasses and a fun black and white hat. She is covered in trends! Starting with her heels, which are extremely trendy in Italy. Everywhere you go, you see Fashionistas wearing silver, eye-catching shoes. They can go really well with neutral or all-black outfits and are ideal if you want to give special attention to one main accessory of your look. They are a powerful detail to add to any outfit. I also love how she decided to go out of the ordinary and wear a colorful purse that does not match the colors of her clothing. The silver details went well with the shoes and the purse gave a special pop of color she needed to complete her look.

Last but not least, I absolutely adore how she put together the sunglasses with the black and white hat. It is a great option for the summertime and it truly looks stylish. You can recreate this idea in any outfit, you just need to make sure the color of your hat and sunglasses go well together. This Fashionista kept it easy and matched black with black, which brought some elegance to her look. Overall, this Fashionista amazed me with her style, poise and individuality. I believe one of the reasons she can pull off so many trends in only one outfit is because her confidence speaks louder than her overall look. After all, too much is never enough when you’ve got such a bold and unique personality!

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted at Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.