What can be better than a classic, flattering, good-for-many-occasions dress? Not much in my opinion, and it would appear that this Fashionista would agree. This particular Fashionista, studying abroad in Florence, Italy, sewed her dress herself, as she studies fashion design at her home university. Not only is this dress adorable, but it is also flattering, versatile and nearly timeless as well, due to its simplistic colors and classic fit— not too tight and not too loose, a perfect balance of appearing classy and showing off that figure. This dress’ strategic color-blocking adds to its flattery as well, and adds interest to the overall design of the dress. Finally, this Fashionista’s dainty and plentiful earrings add a bit of sparkle to the ensemble.

This outfit fits in with the winding streets of Florence because both locals and tourists tend to dress up more in Italy and put more effort into their appearances than people generally do in casual “blue jeans and a T-shirt” America. Therefore, this sleek and classy dress fits in quite nicely with the streets of Florence. Furthermore, Italians tend to dress in more subdued colors than we do in America, so the neutrals of this ensemble truly strike a chord with Italian fashion. Paired with the lace-up flats this Fashionista is sporting, this look maintains fashion as well as comfort suitable for walking.

Though this Fashionista made her dress herself, you can purchase similar looks at White House Black Market.  Furthermore, you can find gorgeous lace-ups at affordable prices at Charlotte Russe. For a bit of sparkle, check out Etsy. I particularly like these minimalistic geometric earrings.

Captured: I found this Fashionista on her way to class near the center of the city of Florence, Italy. These narrow streets are suitable for walking over driving, and are home to a multitude of street art, like the artwork found in the background of these images.