I can finally say I have officially arrived in Florence, Italy! Although the weather hasn’t been the greatest, Florence is still filled with so much history, culture and art. Being here for only a few days, I have noticed a specific sense of style that seems to take over Florence. Many of the Florentines wear dark, neutral colors. You will not see someone with a bright yellow rain jacket as you would see back in the states. Florentines have been wearing mostly black and brown jackets as they walk around the beautiful cobblestone roads of the city.

I found this Fashionista on her way to get lunch. She is ready for her cold, rainy walk and is definitely following ways of the Italians: black, black, black! This Fashionista is covered from head to toe with endless black details.

She is seen wearing a knee-length black jacket paired with a fur scarf and a beanie. The fur scarf is the main focus in this outfit. It gives the look more texture instead of the average black on black some might wear. To top off her look, she wore combat boots, making her look more edgy.

This Fashionista rocked this urban street style look! It is perfect for the rainy months of Firenze!

Captured: I found this Fashionista while walking to meet her friends for lunch at her favorite pizza spot, Gusta, in Florence.