When in Rome, dress comfortably. After my month studying abroad in Italy, I feel completely confident in knowing how to dress for 100 degree weather in a city where your own two feet are your main mode of transportation.

And no one knows better than a Fashionista that independent pieces, such as dresses, jumpsuits and rompers, are essential to pack when traveling abroad with limited space in her luggage. Jumpsuits are especially perfect for Italy, where many churches require that you cover your shoulders and knees to enter. So, it makes sense why this Fashionista opts for a jumpsuit over a light summer dress or romper.

The casual Italian woman loves breezy fabrics that billow in the light breezes, while the more sophisticated Italian woman loves leather and a chunky heel. This ensemble is perfect for the Fashionista in Rome who wants to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat, but also maintain a chic and unique summer style.

The jersey fabric of the jumpsuit allows the Fashionista extra comfort and breathability for walking around the Eternal city, and is made more flattering with a cinched waist tie, as well as the deep V-cut and layering effect seen at the top of the jumpsuit. Opting for a straight, ankle-cropped jumpsuit also gives the ensemble more structure and more sophistication when compared to a bell bottom-styled jumpsuit.

Her shoes and accessories elevate the jumpsuit and create more of an Italian vibe. The chunky-heeled cognac leather sandals and her light beige leather backpack echo the essential fabric of choice for many Italians and Italian designers. Finally, her nameplate necklace makes the outfit more unique and adds to the Fashionista’s personal style. Incorporate this Fashionista’s style into your closet, whether you are traveling out of the country or just walking around your campus!

Captured: I spotted this Fashionista grabbing lunch with her friends at Palazzo Taverna in Rome, Italy!