FASHION FROM ABROAD: California Coolin’

FASHION FROM ABROAD: California Coolin’

With traveling comes new perspectives on not only the world around you, but fashion as well. As I traveled this Christmas Break to Orange County, California, my mind was engulfed in a whole new level of style. A few natives in particular caught my eye. So, I decided to style an outfit just for my fellow Fashionistas/os in order to help you perfect the laid-back California look.

Beginning with the over-all vibe of the look, most natives seemed to want to appear effortlessly put-together. Pairing ripped or patched jeans with a classic T-shirt was a common base among these west coast Fashionistas/os. Known for their active lifestyle, without a doubt, most people inhabiting the boardwalks wore the ever-casual sneakers. However, with these basic articles of clothing came add-ons that made the outfit almost swanky.

Californians pride themselves in individuality by adding things like personalized name-necklaces or self-patched jean jackets. These can be the perfect accessories to make your outfit stand out amongst the rest. If not jean, then bomber jackets with flashy zipper detailing were a norm in these parts as well. Purses were a staple in the golden coast. This tan purse with black detailing completes the outfit by balancing out the varying tones of blue and black throughout the look. Sunglasses of any kind function well in this always sunny climate, so they can never be left out of a look.

In summary, this California look can be summarized as casual yet put together, effortless yet stylish, and classic yet unique.