FASHION FROM ABROAD: Business “Casual?”

In China, there are two prominent types of male dress—the “K-Pop emulator” and the “future businessman.” China’s economy is booming and in a society whose feminist views are lagging behind those in the US by some 10 or 15 years; the male generally tends to be relied on for his money. Well, nothing says “I’ve got money” like a good suit, a stylish gator skin wallet and a fresh pair of shoes from Zara.

Whether going to work or casually strutting their stuff on the Nanjing Road walking street in Shanghai, in the cool winter air or the scorching summer sun, these business-minded Chinese men don full suits and exude an air of success and confidence.

With a white blazer over a navy patterned button-down and contrasted against black trousers and black accessories, this man knows his fashion. Lighter colors are a must-have in the summer because of their ability to ward off a little bit of that solar heat. At the same time, a little bit of pattern is good to add to any style and the dark pieces all work together in order to further highlight the fact that he is, in fact, wearing that wonderful white blazer. This is, all in all, a great ensemble.

Captured: This photo was taken in Shanghai, China, outside of the converging subway exits into People’s Square. A short underground tunnel located in the direction in which the model faces leads to the Nanjing Road walking street—just one of the many enormous clusters of bakeries, restaurants and department stores that litter Shanghai and its suburbs.