FASHION FROM ABROAD: Beating the Barcelona Heat

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Beating the Barcelona Heat

Like most girls growing up, I wanted to be a Cheetah Girl. Not only could they sing, dance and were friendship goals, but they also dressed fabulously. Who didn’t love the idea of wearing matching cheetah print in various vibrant colors with your closest friends? They tore it up in New York City, and in their second movie, they made their way out to Barcelona. So naturally, this past weekend I flew out to Barcelona to fulfill my childhood dream of being the fifth Cheetah Girl.

Yes, I was ready to strut like I meant it, but I was also ready to free my mind. I was excited to experience the culture, architecture, tradition, language and cuisine of this beautiful Spanish city. However, when I was living in London during the past two months, I was not ready for the humidity that I had been sheltered from in my overcast home in the UK. Fortunately, I ran into a Fashionista in the streets who taught me how to keep it cool in the extreme heat, while also looking super cool.

This Fashionista was also vacationing for the weekend who came from Holland for holiday. She wore a green leather overall dress which is a trend that has been popping up all over Europe. Underneath, she wore a simple white collared button-down with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Not only did this contrast great with the dress, but it also was the perfect way to reflect the sun and prevent her from getting burnt in the streets. She added some summer accessories, such as her strappy pale blue sandalsround sunglasses and large hoop earrings.

What caught my eye the most was her bold yellow leather backpack. It was the perfect summer color and pulled her entire look together. This Fashionista has mastered keeping cool during the summer and styling mod fashion with the help of color-blocking, as well as mixing boxy, geometric shapes with circular accents.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, outside of La Cathedral.