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August 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello from Paris! I have absolutely loved studying in this beautiful city, even if I spent much of that time working in a classroom. As far as style is concerned, I don’t know if I have seen anything better. Getting to work backstage at Fashion Week allowed me to see the models’ off duty looks and was extremely inspirational both closet and career-wise. It was wonderful to see and compare the way Parisians dress when they go out each day versus what I am used to seeing on my own campus. Even other tourists here provide inspiration, which is how I found this Fashionista. If you’re traveling this summer, this look is perfect, especially for cooler afternoons and evenings.

To start off, I absolutely love this Fashionista’s skirt! The seersucker material is perfect for traveling because it’s already wrinkled, which means there’s no reason to worry when packing your things! Monochromes are also great for traveling because they require no thought to pair up—that sweater goes perfectly. It was cloudy in Paris and a bit chilly at the time, but the sweater is also light enough for some sunshine. That cross-body bag is also a perfect size to hold any documents and is extremely chic. Black goes with everything so this bag is super versatile! As far as shoes are concerned, this Fashionista chose to go comfy with a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Comfort is key with this outfit, especially with all the walking to be done in Paris.

My favorite part of this look are its details. I asked this Fashionista about her delicate bracelets and rings and all of them have been collected during her time abroad. She kept adding to her wrists and fingers as she made her way through Europe. Her accessories are beautiful and they’re made even greater by their origins.

Captured: I caught this Fashionista in the Marais district in Paris, just outside the Breizh Café, which is renowned for its crepes. They do not disappoint and this Fashionista definitely agreed.